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  this is from 2008, if my various e-things can be trusted. the collar with stars makes me think that’s correct. sunshine on the pie-pan.

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Last weekend, I trekked up to Boston for the Open Source Hardware Association Summit. The talks were amazing. It’s a great group to be a part of, and I love watching it grow. This post is not about the OSHWA … Continue reading

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What is 12 Billion miles away and traveling at 38 thousand miles per hour? The first human made hunk of stuff to make it out of our sun’s neighborhood, that’s what!           Never thought we’d throw … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Curiosity

You sweet sweet thing On the map, it looks like after you found some bad traffic, you flipped a bitch at Yellow Knife Bay. And, if I may make a first ever inter-planetary discovery, they drive on the wrong side … Continue reading

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Bicycle Powered MRI

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. So, the SpokePOV uses a Magnet to measure wheel rotation, and derives the Resonant frame rate by timing Magnet readings, and then it makes the Image appear, as if by some kind of circular … Continue reading

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Sanity Check

Took the dog up to Harriman for a little run around. Lots of use! And a large group of folks picking trash and touching up the blazes on Long Path. I entered on Lake Welch drive, intending to go the … Continue reading

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                In other news, I’m part of a team that won a DARPA¬†competition¬†earlier this year! Our objective is to ‘Develop a portable, inexpensive, and easy-to-use electroencephalography (EEG) device and corresponding mobile application (app) … Continue reading

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There’s a bunch of stuff going on this spring. First, Deborah and I moved. With our cat, Petit, and our dog Sascha. We moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan. I know, that’s the wrong direction, but we’re innovators, and I’m already … Continue reading

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Milestones In Artificial Life

This just in. Scientists at Harvard and Caltech have animated a small slab of silicone with rat heart-muscle to create Medusoid. Absolutely beautiful.  

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